An experimental Markdown formatter has been added. It is quite simple at present, supporting both span:

Function Markdown Span
md.i *italics*
md.b **bold**
md.a anchor, aka link

and some block functions:

Function Markdown Block
md.h heading
md.h1 heading level 1
md.h2 heading level 2
... ...
md.h6 heading level 6
md.p paragraph horizontal rule
md.doc document

All functions are accessed through the md style set.

List, image, blockquote, and code-block formatting are next steps. At this demonstration stage, the goal is to stretch the quoter use-case and prove/harden its extension mechanisms, which it is already doing. A much more extensive block-oriented quoting mechanism is in the works to flesh out Markdown construction. Stay tuned for more extensive functions and documentation.